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November 29, 2001

It is with great sadness that we announce that lead guitarist and founder of the band, Miguel Lopez has decided that he will not continue on with the band due to logistical reasons. Miguel currently lives in Northern California and it is an overwhelming experience having to travel (a few hundred miles) to get together for rehearsals and shows. Miguel has decided that it is in the band, and his, best interest that he no longer continues.

Miguel has indeed been an intricate part of Ciego Kaos throughout the years going back to the MUD (and even Abintra) days. His contributions are immense and probably too many to mention but here are a few of the key things Miguel brought to the band. His excellent writing skills, his ability to arrange music, killer guitar solos, always promoting the band, booking shows and his immense leadership have all been very instrumental to the band for the past eight years.

Miguel has not only been just a member of the band but as most of you who follow Ciego Kaos know, he is and will always be part of our family. We would like to extend our thanks and best wishes to Miguel in his future endeavors.

Thanks for the memories Miguel...!

November 27, 2001

Ciego Kaos would like to thank all of you who have requested band Stickers of late. We've received a huge amount of requests and will be getting to them all as soon as possible. Thanks for all of the support!

April 20, 2001

I know it's been a while since an update has been posted. . . A few of you have asked me 'what's going on with the band!' Well, I have some good news to report... The band has been hard at work writing new material for upcoming shows. Two songs are in the final stages and a few more are still in the works.

Also, a couple of shows have been scheduled for early Summer and we are working on some May dates as well. . . I'll keep you posted when we get more info.

February 26, 2001


Club Pleasures was rocking this past Saturday night as the band gave a solid performance with a 10-song, 40 minute set and kept the crowd on its feet throughout the entire show. From the first song 'Give it Up' to the last song, 'Policia,' Ciego Kaos was very intense, aggressive and powerful. Thanks to all of you who showed up, despite the bad weather. . . the turnout was greatly appreciated!

The band is currently working on some new material and future shows. Keep checking back for future news, shows and other stuff.

February 15, 2001

Checkout THE BAND page for some new stuff; pictures of the band, Dave's personal bio (finally) and the first installment of Ed's Page.

Janaury 29, 2001

We've just added a show at Pleasures in Pasadena...
February 24th @10:00pm. Admission at the door is $10.00 BUT we are going to have $7.00 PRE-SALE Tickets available soon!... SEE YOU THERE!!!

January 4, 2001

Bad news folks, it seems that we won't be playing this Saturday at Pleasures. Eddie, our singer, hasn't been feeling well and is not able to play. However, our good friends from Phreedumb have agreed to help us out and play in our place. We might even make a surprise appearance on stage, although it wouldn't be a surprise anymore if you already know about it...sorry about that. You can still get pre-sale tickets for $7 today, tomorrow and Saturday morning or you can pay $10 at the door. Check out Phreedumb's website, they're on our Links page. And for all you Maiden fans, there's gonna be an Iron Maiden cover band playing that night also....and don't forget, chicks in BIKINI's!

December 28, 2000

We've got some good news and bad news. First the bad news, as some of you already know the BUZZ [Buzzard] Bar show was cancelled due to poor planning on the promoter's part. It seems that the club owner decided to close the place early because they didn't have enough people. We were pissed! Not so much 'cause we didn't play but for everybody that drove all the way to B.F.E. and didn't get to see us play. Sorry about that guys, we'll make it up to you. Needless to say, we won't be doing this 'promoter' any more last minute "favors".

The good news is that we have a REAL show lined up and it's gonna be good! It's at Pleasures in Pasadena. Check out the SHOWS link for more info and pre-sale discount tix.

December 21, 2000

We've just added another show, this one's at Pleasures in Padadena on January 6, 2001. Visit our shows page for more info, including Pre Sale Tickets!

December 11, 2000

We want to thank everybody that showed up last Saturday. The Taco Nazo show was huge success. Despite the small venue, many friends and fans showed their support and had a good time. 'Critics' called it "one of the best Ciego Kaos shows" since the Whisky!

We also want to thank Vice Versa for setting up the show and letting us borrow their PA. Thanks guys, let's do it again sometime.

And the folks at Taco Nazo were cool too, the place is smaller than your average club but it provided a cool atmosphere that made the crowd feel like they were part of the show and made us feel comfortable enough to play a kick ass set! The only downside...not enough room on the floor for a pit (not that we encourage that type of crazy behavior) oh well maybe next time.

We also want to give a shout out to Phreedumb who were there showing their support. I heard they kicked ass at the Whisky on Sunday with Downset. Maybe they'll let us open for them sometime soon...we'll keep you posted.

Again we'd like to thank all our family, friends and fans for their support. And for those who couldn't make it, you missed a good show but the next one will be even don't miss it!

November 27, 2000

Good news folks, the latest is that Ciego Kaos will continue to f*ck sh*t up in the club scene and will continue to work on new material.

It seems that our 'retirement' announcement was a little premature. Anyway, welcome back Canary!!

We hope to see everyone at the Pomona show, it's gonna be good, and there will be free 'goodies'. Check out the 'Shows' link for more info.

Also, keep a look out for an upcoming show with Phreedumb in Jan 2001. Check out their website on our 'Links' section.

November 2, 2000

We've got a couple of shows lined up for November/December. Check out the "Shows" link...

October 23, 2000

Ciego Kaos is in the 'studio' (the garage) working on some new shiznit so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming shows.

September 25, 2000

Well. . . I have a few things to report, The Martini Show had a few snags and the Official Ciego Kaos site is "on hold" again. We'll keep you posted, in the mean time keep checking out this site for updates.

The Martini Show started off on the wrong foot from the time we left to the club. First off, it was raining cats, dogs, birds and rats, so traffic into Hollyweird SUCKED! It took us over and hour to get to the club, anyway, we get there thinking we made it just in time for sound check at 7:00 (keep in mind we were scheduled to play at MIDNIGHT) and they tell us "there's no sound check here" We told them that Linda (or whatever the hell her name is) told us that we sound checked at 7:00, to that they said that "she told the other bands a lot of things too" like discounts at the door with flyers (didn't happen). Just a bit of friendly advice when booking shows at the Margarita Place...make sure you double check everything with those guys.

Then Phreedumb (free plug) the band scheduled to play at 9:00 had some problems of their own, it seemed that the tarp that was covering their stuff flew off the truck, and they had to stop on the freeway to get it back. Hector, their singer, was the only one at the club by showtime. They asked if they could get a 20 min. break, to which the club said NO. They had a "VIP" band headlining that night Cartoon Cartoon Network or something like that, these guys looked like a cross between Blink, Weezer and Weird Al, I won't say that they SUCKED I just have one word for you...ACCORDION, you decide. And they took forever too!

By the time Ciego Kaos took the stage it was past 1:00am. Most of the crowd had departed, no thanks to Caricaturas who chased everyone away, but for those who stayed they got a pretty damn good performance by the band who was back on stage for the first time in two months.

I also want to give a shout the sushi bar gang at the Martini, you guys kick nalgas!

Now as far as the Official Ciego Kaos site... well, it's in hibernation once again. Ciego Kaos is once again searching for another webmaster to finish the job. Any takers out there?

We're taking October off to work on some new shiznit! See you in November.

August 31, 2000

I found some old photos of the band, click on the link below to see them.


August 8, 2000

Third Time's a Charm: The official Ciego Kaos Website has been in production for the third time this year.

After a couple attempts earlier in the year, the "Official" Ciego Kaos Website has resurfaced once again and Mike Rodriguez is heading the task. The first two attempts at the website were a learning experience, not to mention very frustrating for the band. Mike is doing a great job in the short time that he's been on the job. I've taken several sneak peeks at the site and I must say it's coming along very nice. Look for cool javas scripts, gifs and crazy looking wallpaper that will no doubt catch your attention. We will be keeping an eye on it's progress for another update in the near future.

July 31, 2000

The band is currently working on some new material and are scheduled to go into the studio sometime in the Fall.

For Live info on the band visit the Shows page.

June 10, 2000

Anaheim, CA - Sugars/Tweeds

This was the bands first show with new bassist, Jorge Lopez. The show started a little after 9:30pm with the crowd agerly anticipating the new look Ciego Kaos. A bit of a strange start for the "canary", he broke a string on the first song (State of Mind) but continued playing through the whole show with only three strings! As the set continued, the bands thundering music and powerful vocals rocked the capacity crowd at Sugars. The crowd seemed to respond the most when the band preformed two of their newest songs, Hallus-Nation and In The Grains of Minds. As the band finished their final song (Policia) of the night, the crowd was left chanting for more.

May 28, 2000


Ed Negrete, who has been the vocalist and bass player since the forming of the band has stepped down as the bassist to concentrate on vocals. Jorge Lopez, long time friend and supporter of the band will take over as the bands new bassist. Jorge's bass experience is one of many, he also has experience with guitar (rhythm & lead), drums and some vocals. Jorge is an all around muscian that will bring alot of musical influence to the band.

May 15, 2000

We are currently working on several new songs & shows...

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